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Being a modern retailer, Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd offers the widest variety and assortment of food choices from all parts of India and across the world. The assortment is best suited for shoppers who are willing to try out different cuisines.

Choice is available from the widest and freshest variety of fruits and vegetables, processed and ready to eat food, exotic range of foods, staples, beverages, meal solutions, nuts, poultry, dairy, savories and snacks, spices and condiments and everything that one may choose to taste during the day.

A wide assortment for breakfast solutions, easy to cook or ready to eat meal solutions, regular or diet food, organic assortment, the best of worlds cheeses, deli and cuisines hailing from all parts of the world is available under one roof at SKT Agro Private Limited.

>> Fruit’s and Vegetables <<

Together with our specially selected suppliers and food producers, we're committed to providing you the freshest and best quality of fruits and vegetables in both regular and exotic variants. We ensure that the produce is sourced responsibly and is of the highest quality.

>> Staples <<

A wide range of staple products are available at all our stores offering the best selection of grains and pulses which are used daily in Indian households. Cooking oils such as vegetable, soya, olive, canola, mustard and other cooking oils used commonly in various households are also available at SKT Agro Private Limited. The merchandise mix offers regular as well premium quality produce and is perfectly suited for everyday cooking.

>> Beverages <<

Hot / cold we offer a wide variety of packaged coffees, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, lemonade, sparkling water, soft drinks, milk shakes, health drinks and supplements etc. all in the beverage section of our stores.

>> Processed Foods <<

Being a modern retailer, we offer a huge range and assortment of processed foods in our stores. This section ranges from packaged ready-to-eat cuisines to foods such as biscuits, wafers, chocolates, snacks, savouries and ready-to-cook foods, such as noodles, fries, sausages etc.

>> Dairy <<

Dairy products are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd brings to you a wide selection of milk, curd, sweetened and flavoured dairy products, delectable cheeses, butter, ghee, cottage cheese etc. all freshly packed for consumption in the dairy chillers at every store.

>> Dairy <<

Dairy products are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd brings to you a wide selection of milk, curd, sweetened and flavoured dairy products, delectable cheeses, butter, ghee, cottage cheese etc. all freshly packed for consumption in the dairy chillers at every store.

>> Spices & Condiments <<

India is a country renowned for its exotic and a wide variety of spices that starkly differ from each other in terms of nature and use in the various cuisines hailing from the different regions. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd brings the world together in the spices section where we offer carefully chosen spices and condiments from across the country and the world. From the flavour some ‘Garam Masala’ of north Indian cuisine to the tangy ‘vinegars and soya sauce’ of Chinese cooking to ‘oregano and basil’ seasonings, typical of Italian cuisine Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd has it all.

Personal Care

Look good and feel good with SKT Agro Pvt Ltd at the personal care section which offers solutions to all your beauty and personal hygiene needs. This section offers a wide range of national and international products that is of utmost importance for a healthy and youthful lifestyle.

>> Beauty <<

Highlight your best features with the great range of beauty products available at SKT Agro Pvt Ltd beauty counters. We offer the best choices in eyeliners, kohl, lip colour, nail art and other beauty products that accentuates your beauty. Whether you choose to stand out amongst all or seamlessly gel with the masses our make-up and beauty products will help you look good at all times.

>> Skin Care <<

Your skin is the most vital organ of your body… Pamper it with the exclusive skin care range available at SKT Agro Pvt Ltd stores. From face wash to body wash, astringents to talcum powder, moisturizing to sun protection solutions, fairness to anti-wrinkle solutions, soaps, deodorants, perfumes and lip care. SKT Agro Pvt Ltd is a one stop shop for all your skin care needs.

>> Hair Care <<

From regular hair care solutions to salon like intensive hair care solutions, SKT Agro Pvt Ltd brings to its shoppers a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, serums , gels , hair color and other products perfectly suited for your kind of hair.

>> Oral Care <<

A wide range and variety of toothbrushes, toothpastes for regular and sensitive use, mouth wash and other oral care products are available at all SKT Agro Pvt Ltd stores.

>> Baby Care <<

We know that your baby deserves utmost care …therefore we offer carefully chosen baby care products for your little one. From talcum powders to soaps, shampoos, diapers, feeding bottles etc. we offer a host of baby care products in our stores.

>> Men’s Grooming <<

Look your smartest best with our choicest men’s grooming products. We understand that you require quality products at affordable prices for your daily grooming needs… hence we bring to you a whole range of shaving and hygiene products and equipments in our stores.

>> Personal Hygiene <<

Beauty is incomplete without personal hygiene. Our stores offer a wide range and variety of personal hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, hair removal equipments, ear buds, balms, contraceptives, bandages, foot care / spa products etc that are essential for regular needs.


>> Home Decor <<

Give your home the makeover you want. Step into a SKT Agro Pvt Ltd store and be prepared to be wowed by our collection of Home décor products for your living room, dining and bedrooms. From minimalistic to ultra-modern, our wide variety of Home and General merchandise will cater to the very look you’re after. Utility furnitures – sofa sets, bean bags, closets and cabinets, center and side tables, wardrobes, study table, ironing tables – you will find them all under one roof.

>> Home Furnishing <<

Add a dash of colour to every room of your house. Choose from an array of attractive designs and patterns to fill your home with brightness and smiles. With a wide range of bed-sheets, bed covers, pillows, pillow covers, cushions, door and window curtains and table cloths at truly affordable prices, we give you a combination that is hard to beat. So what are you waiting for?

>> Bathroom Essentials <<

Turn your bathroom into a truly alluring space with our collection of cleaning and bathing articles. Make a splash with our beautiful bathroom curtains and look your best after every shower with our toiletry sets. Add function with curtain rods, hangers and clips, and keep your family germ-free with our range of floor cleaners and disinfectants. Choose from a variety of cleaning brushes, mops, phenols, scrubs, bins, phenyls and tissues – a one-stop shop for all your bathing needs.

>> Kitchen Essentials <<

Make every meal memorable with top quality non stick utensils, stoves and pressure cookers. You will find the finest cutlery sets, chopping boards, knives and scissors, and all utilitarian products required in your kitchen. Keep your kitchen clean with a selection of towels, wipes and scrubs, and our collection of colourful water bottles, hot pots, containers in all sizes, tiffin boxes, plastic and earthen ware promise to keep your food warm and nutritious.

>> Dining Essentials <<

We bring fine dining experience to your home with our exquisite collection of glassware, melamine ware, bone china and steel, and microwave safe dinner sets. Choose from our range of tea sets to enjoy your morning tea and find the glass set of your choice to make your evenings special.

>> Travel Needs <<

Travel in style with a wide variety of luggage bags and backpacks on offer. Our laptop bags will ensure you mean business in meetings, and choose from a fun range of school bags for your kids.

>> Toys & Stationary <<

Look your smartest best with our choicest men’s grooming products. We understand that you require quality products at affordable prices for your daily grooming needs… hence we bring to you a whole range of shaving and hygiene products and equipments in our stores.

Electronics and Electricals

At SKT Agro Private Limited, we strive to be the perfect companion for your home in this digital age. Walk into one of our stores and browse over an array of home, kitchen and other electrical and electronic appliances needed in every household today. From the latest in technology to the choicest of brands, we make your life simpler and safer

>> Home Appliances <<

Equip your home with the latest and best of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, coolers, heaters, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, geysers, irons and every other electronic product that you are looking for. From modern looking to retro chic, we have the perfect gizmo that suits your palette. And with a number of brands to choose from at unmatched prices, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

>> Kitchen Appliances <<

Be prepared to be bowled over by our collection of kitchen appliances. From food processors, mixer-grinder-juicers, hand blenders, induction cookers, rice cookers, coffee makers, electric kettles, roti-makers, toasters to various other equipments, we have everything you need. Pay us a visit and all you’ll need to do after is sit back and enjoy a delicious meal at home, prepared in no time.

>> Electrical Fittings & Accessories <<

Hazard-proof your home with our range of electrical fittings and accessories, ranging from extension cords, plug points, energy saving lights, fans and batteries, essential for your daily needs. Our Hypermarket is also the perfect place to pick up personal grooming products like shavers and trimmers, epilators, massagers, hair dryers, flat irons and curlers.

>> Digital Equipment & Accessories <<

Bring out the professional in you with the latest that the tech world has to offer, from mobile phones to tablets, laptops, netbooks, computers and accessories. Explore your creative talent and never miss a moment with a host of digital equipment such as SLR cameras and digicams, handycams and a host of imaging accessories like camera covers/bags and tripods on offer.

>> Dining Essentials <<

Fashion and Accessories

It’s time to create some space in your wardrobe! Shop till you drop at our fashion and accessories section and walk out with a transformed look. At Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd you will find something for everyone, from trendy casual wear to sharp formals to elegant ethnic wear. Our wide range of accessories and footwear will complete your ensemble.

>> Men’s Casual <<

Increase your cool quotient with our fresh new range of men’s casuals that’s contemporary and comfortable. Our collection of smart t-shirts, trendy denims, comfy shorts and snazzy pants are available in an array of colours. Whether it is the weekend look you’re after or dressing up for a college fest, you can pick and choose the combination that brings out your casual best.

>> Men’s Office Wear <<

Jazz up your office wardrobe with a visit to our office wear section. Our all new range of smart formals is just ideal to get noticed at your workplace. Look your sharpest at that big meeting with our collection of shirts and trousers. Our unique combination of colours and designs at truly affordable prices will make you stand out from the crowd.

>> Women’s Casual <<

Make your own style statement with our all new range of trendy casuals. Choose from a variety of options for the perfect look. There is so much to choose from for all the pretty women out there. They are bright, they are colourful, and they are you!

>> Women’s Ethnic <<

Make your days colourful with our range of kurtis, churidars, patiyalas and dupattas. Mix and match your way to the perfect combination of your choice, and become the life of a traditional gathering with a new fashion statement.

>> Innerwear <<

Fresh and relaxing, our collection of innerwear for both men and women promises to keep you in comfort throughout the day. We offer a wide range of underwear in the finest of fabrics with the utmost wearing comfort for an unbelievably reasonable value.

>> Accessories <<

Add to the look that you desire with our vast and exclusive collection of fashion accessories that is tailor-made to suit your choice. Pick from our collection of ladies bags, jewellery, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, men’s belts and wallets to complete your ensemble.

>> Footwear <<

Walk the walk with our exquisite collection of footwear for both men and women. Choose from a plethora of designs that’s both comfortable and affordable.


>> Organic Food <<

Health and well-being is an integral part of Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd stores. Choose from a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged staples, tea, spices etc. grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides available at all Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd stores. We take pride in being one of the first retailers in modern trade to introduce organic food products in our stores to encourage healthy living amongst shoppers.

>> Diet Food <<

Attention calorie conscious shoppers! You can chose from a wide variant of sugar-free, gluten-free, low calorie food and other health supplements for your health / workout regimen at your nearest Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd stores.

>> Pet Food <<

A wide variety of pet food and accessories are available at select hyper stores that cater to the needs of your pets.

>> Baby Foodc <<

Feed your baby with wholesome baby foods which are easy to digest and great to taste from the great array of infant and baby food choices present in Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd stores.

>> Nuts & Dry Fruits <<

Dry fruits and spices in the ‘Nutty Delights’ section at Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd Hypers. Choose from over 120 varieties of nuts and dry fruits, spices and mouth fresheners sourced from across the world.

>> Party Delights <<

We offer everything that you need for a party at home…Be it’s a birthday celebration, a kitty party, an anniversary celebration or just any party. Whatever be the occasion, Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd offers a variety of merchandise for all party needs. From disposable cups, plates and tissues to birthday cakes, candles, décor and props… visit your nearest Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd store for all your party needs!

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