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Being a modern retailer, Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd offers the widest variety and assortment of food choices from all parts of India and across the world. The assortment is best suited for shoppers who are willing to try out different cuisines.

Choice is available from the widest and freshest variety of fruits and vegetables, processed and ready to eat food, exotic range of foods, staples, beverages, meal solutions, nuts, poultry, dairy, savories and snacks, spices and condiments and everything that one may choose to taste during the day.

A wide assortment for breakfast solutions, easy to cook or ready to eat meal solutions, regular or diet food, organic assortment, the best of worlds cheeses, deli and cuisines hailing from all parts of the world is available under one roof at SKT Agro Private Limited.

>> Fruit’s and Vegetables <<

Together with our specially selected suppliers and food producers, we're committed to providing you the freshest and best quality of fruits and vegetables in both regular and exotic variants. We ensure that the produce is sourced responsibly and is of the highest quality.

>> Staples <<

A wide range of staple products are available at all our stores offering the best selection of grains and pulses which are used daily in Indian households. Cooking oils such as vegetable, soya, olive, canola, mustard and other cooking oils used commonly in various households are also available at SKT Agro Private Limited. The merchandise mix offers regular as well premium quality produce and is perfectly suited for everyday cooking.

>> Beverages <<

Hot / cold we offer a wide variety of packaged coffees, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, lemonade, sparkling water, soft drinks, milk shakes, health drinks and supplements etc. all in the beverage section of our stores.

>> Processed Foods <<

Being a modern retailer, we offer a huge range and assortment of processed foods in our stores. This section ranges from packaged ready-to-eat cuisines to foods such as biscuits, wafers, chocolates, snacks, savouries and ready-to-cook foods, such as noodles, fries, sausages etc.

>> Dairy <<

Dairy products are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd brings to you a wide selection of milk, curd, sweetened and flavoured dairy products, delectable cheeses, butter, ghee, cottage cheese etc. all freshly packed for consumption in the dairy chillers at every store.

>> Spices & Condiments <<

India is a country renowned for its exotic and a wide variety of spices that starkly differ from each other in terms of nature and use in the various cuisines hailing from the different regions. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd brings the world together in the spices section where we offer carefully chosen spices and condiments from across the country and the world. From the flavour some ‘Garam Masala’ of north Indian cuisine to the tangy ‘vinegars and soya sauce’ of Chinese cooking to ‘oregano and basil’ seasonings, typical of Italian cuisine Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari(SKT) Agro Products Pvt Ltd has it all.

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